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Who are we ?


By placing the MPs at the heart of its action, alongside rugby values of sports, solidarity and friendship, the "XV Parlementaire" achieves its core purpose of strengthening ties between Parliaments through rugby.


Because the MPs playing rugby created the "XV Parlementaire" and joined its ranks, our team is the only one authorized to participate in the international parliaments games, first of which is the Parliaments World Cup which takes place every four years before the opening of the "other" World Cup. We also play against European parliaments for the Six Nations Tournament and against Southern-Hemisphere Parliaments during the test matches.

Other games are organized in the team MPs' constituencies or to support humanitarian actions.


To this day, sixty five Ministers, Members of Parliament, former ministers and former MPs play in the XV Parlementaire. By tradition, parliamentary assistants and parliament officials give them a hand. Our team is also lucky to count among its ranks a limited number of representatives from its partners, Airbus Group in particular.


MPs are members by right and make the decisions regarding the team. They are assisted by an administrative team of civil servants.


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Thanks to our translator (& player) Laurent Cottereau !

               Dernière nouvelle : Kader Arif,
Ministre délégué aux Anciens combattants,
rejoint les rangs du XV Parlementaire !

Mardi 6 novembre à 19 heures, plusieurs parlementaires ont assisté,
à la présentation de l'équipe des Wallabies
à l'occasion de France-Australie du 10 novembre (voir l'invitation)