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A bit of history

A first rugby team is born in 1976 at the Assemblée Nationale.

Soon joined by our current coach, Bernard Durand, who has later become its kingpin, inspiration and great leader, the team first takes part in the corporate championship. However, the erratic rhythm of parliamentary work prevented the experience to continue.


Yearly games are organized between Assemblée Nationale and Sénat, with the participation of a few MPs.


In 1987, a humanitarian game is organized in Jean Bouin stadium between a parliamentary team and a sports press team, to the benefit of Fondation de France. It becomes clear that day that images of MPs donning the jersey for a humanitarian purpose meet traditional rugby values and can be well relayed by the media.


In 1990, led by Jean-Michel Baylet, the team plays in Réquista (here).


In October 1991, for the World Cup, the teams plays against former AS Béziers players to the benefit of Fondation FFR (here).


That same year the team, now called XV du Parlement, meets a team of Lords and MPs in London (here). Some of the MPs who took a part then are still with us today, like Jacques Godfrain, Gérard Bapt and Didier Migaud. The tradition of this parliamentary "Crunch" lives on today.


In 1992 the team plays in Auch after the international game between France and Roumanie (here). It also plays against TF1 team in Colombes (here).


In July 1993, its first tour brings the team to Quebec and Canada. Jacques Godfrain is once more among the participants(here).


In 1995, the South African Parliament organizes the first-ever Parliaments Rugby World Cup in Cape Town. United-Kingdom, Ireland, New-Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and France, with Michel Voisin for example, compete under the Presidency of M. Nelson Mandela. (here)


In 1998, the team tours in La Réunion where it is greeted by many MPs. Huguette Bello, still in the Assemblée Nationale today, is among these MPs and several players go with her to the school she used to manage, to talk about the Parliament. (here


Matches against the Irish Parliament started that same year.


In 1999, the second Parliaments World Cup is organized in England and Wales. England, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and France are participating. (here)


In 2000, tour to Martinique.


In 2001, tour to Senegal with many humanitarian actions. (here)


In Spring 2002, game in Prague.


In 2003, the third Parliaments World Cup takes place in Australia. Apart from France and the host, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and England are participating.


April 2005 : tour to Argentina. Autumn : game in Lisbon.


Spring 2006 : game in Bucarest then New Zealand Parliament tours to France.


In September 2007, the french Parliament has organized the fourth World Cup and welcomed parliaments team from England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and, for the first time, Argentina (here).


In 2008, tour to South Africa.


In August 2010, after disagreements arose during the 2007 World Cup and because of a mindset not conforming to their ethic and values, the MPs decide to create a new team. Named XV Parlementaire, it is today the only team with MPs in its ranks and hence the only one authorized to participate in parliaments games.

Thanks to our translator (& player) Laurent Cottereau !





               Dernière nouvelle : Kader Arif,
Ministre délégué aux Anciens combattants,
rejoint les rangs du XV Parlementaire !

Mardi 6 novembre à 19 heures, plusieurs parlementaires ont assisté,
à la présentation de l'équipe des Wallabies
à l'occasion de France-Australie du 10 novembre (voir l'invitation)